Fruits in a Bowl (10 mins recipe)

Hello!!  It’s been ages since I posted something on this blog. Before everything else, I would like to say, Happy Ied Al Fitri for all who celebrate it and happy holiday for everyone 😝 Here’s a very quick recipe for this lazy-hot-trying-to-stay-productive-holiday: FRUITS IN A BOWL  All you need will be: Kinds of fruits. I […]

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No-Meat Ramen Burger

Hey!  It’s been a while or more, since the last time I updated the blog. Maaf 😦  For a return, here’s the easiest recipe to make yourself the no-meat ramen burger. All you’ll need are:  Egg noodle (2 pieces)  2 eggs  Salt, black pepper, paprika powder, and mushroom powder for seasonings 5 pieces of whole […]

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Soto Ayam Kuning 

There’s a time in my life when I really crave for something so bad and I want to have it right away. This is one of those. I tried to find the suitable recipe for this dish which turns out to taste like my mom’s cook.  Short brief, soto ayam is an authentic Indonesian cuisine […]

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